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Pipe Springs National Monument Utah
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Pipe Springs National Monument UtahPipe Springs National Monument is an oasis in the desert. With four springs in the immediate area and what used to be rich grasslands, Pipe Springs has long been inhabited. Ancestral Puebloans and Paiute Indians were the first people drawn to Pipe Springs National Monument by the water. Later, Mormon settlers, attracted by the water and grasslands-- said to have grown "belly high to a horse"-- called Pipe Spring National Monument home and established a ranching operation. In 1923, Pipe Spring was set aside as a National Monument to preserve this rich history. Today, visitors can tour the remains of this Mormon cattle ranch at Pipe Springs National Monument which was established in the late nineteenth century. A fully furnished historic fort, Winsor Castle at Pipe Springs, allows visitors to step back in time and relive Mormon pioneer life. For more Pipe Springs National Monument information be sure to get a Grand Circle Travel Packet!

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